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Budgie Breeder Tips, Information, and Resources

Budgie Breeder Tips And Information

Budgie Breeder Tips And Information – What To Be Aware Of

At first glance, breeding budgies might seem strange but there are so many advantages and satisfactions that are gained. In fact, we have noticed that the number of breeders is constantly rising every single month. Because of this, we should look further at the topic and see the most important budgie breeder tips and information that you have to know when you are in the beginning of such a journey.

Why Budgie Breeding?

Most people fell in love with budgies from the moment they see them. This automatically brings in one benefit of breeding that is sometimes overlooked. You can make quite a lot of money if you manage to grow the breeding process to a larger scale. It is recommended that you keep some young budgies after all successful breeds so that you keep growing the numbers that you can obtain.

Another advantage that is never included on a list of budgie breeder tips and information facts is the delight offered. These are really incredible birds. They can make you smile just by you looking at them. It is a guarantee that you will adore their energy and the fact that they never seem to stop.

If you have kids, they will love to spend time with the birds. This can help you bond with them and develop a much closer relationship as you can do something that the entire family loves. Contrary to popular belief, breeding is something that can create a bond, especially when the process is successful and you get to see the little eggs hatch.

Supplies Needed baby budgie chicks

Whenever looking at budgie breeder tips and information articles, the main focus has to be put on supplies that are necessary. So many beginner breeders believe that what is suitable for other birds is good enough for budgies. This is actually not the case. When you want to be a breeder, there are differences as to when you just want to grow a bird. You will need:

  • Nesting Box
  • Bedding (we recommend wood or untreated cedar for the best possible bedding)
  • Breeding cage

Your breeding cage has to be exciting enough for the budgie. Every budgie breeder tips and information article will tell you that this is a bird that quickly gets bored. You will want to add a mineral block or a cuddle bone too so that vitamins are always present and the birds are always in top health. This will increase the chances of breeding.

The nesting box has to be really close to your breeding cage. It is important because this basically recreates the tree branch secluded setting that is present in nature. The birds are much more likely to breed when everything feels like “home”. In addition, the nesting box will make the budgie feel safe so that it will lay eggs. If the bird is not feeling safe, it will not lay the eggs and can eventually end up getting sick.

The Age Factor

An experienced professional will always mention age on the list of budgie breeder tips and information. A budgie will reach sexual maturity a lot faster than you might be led to believe. It will be able to conceive when it is around 4 months old. This is much less than many other animals. The problem is that some breeders will take advantage of this fact. You should never do this.

When you breed the budgies too early, it will turn into a problem in the future. The list of budgie breeder tips and information guidelines will tell you that you have to make sure that both the male budgie and the female budgie are over 1 year old when they mate for the first time. If you locate a pair that is bonded, everything progresses much faster.

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A big problem that some people fail to think about is the fact that the birds are not always fertile. This means that on your list of budgie breeder tips and information sheets you have to add the months when breeding is possible. As a very simple example, if you are living in America, you can only breed budgies from October to March. They are never going to mate outside these months. When you reach mating months, the behavior of the budgie always changes.
A good indicator of the fact that you are in budgie breeding month is the fact that the bird starts to tear up newspaper lining. In addition, it is quite common to see the couple feeding each other. You should also look for beak tapping in the perch area. Males are known to start clicking beaks towards females. When you see such weird behavior, you have to write down the month as breeding season probably started. Include this in your budgie breeder tips and information sheet that you need to create when learning how to take care of the birds.


Sometimes, breeders forget about lighting and that is why their results are not that great. Lighting is always crucial when you breed budgies. A minimum of 13 hours of light is necessary or else they will not be in breeding condition. If you are thinking about budgie breeding tips and information that should never be overlooked, this is where people go wrong, especially when breeding indoors.

Another tip that we can give is that you should never offer the lighting in just one long session. Make sure that you increase light gradually over some weeks for up to those 13 hours. Also, make sure that you put a cover on the bird cage during night hours to ensure the minimum darkness necessities.

These are definitely the most important budgie breeder tips and information that are very rare on the Internet because there are still not many budgie breeders around. If you really want to be one of them and enjoy the advantages that were mentioned above, you need to take things seriously. Try to invest in the best supplies and stay focused on your goals while not neglecting the well-being of your birds.


Budgie Breeder Tips, Information, and Resources

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